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Women are just now starting to enter it and being recognized as gamers. How romantic would it be to sit and wait at home while some electronic service finds me a suitable mate? I doubt there's a dating world of warcraft dating forum solely for WoW players. I think we've all wondered this but probably felt too dorky to ask.

I've been seeing a lot of ads about this Geek2Geek website, though. Once you go troll, you never reroll.

I mean how often do you finally admit to a lady or lad that you play and they criticize or leave you? Granted, 5k gold was a lot back in BC, but still. How again is meeting a girl online that you know for a fact you have shared interests and a hobby in common worse than pickin up some drunk chick at a bar and sneaking in your number?

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I would love to find a site like that, not to date but just to have more friends that play wow. Originally Posted by axelnomnom. My name is Cernunnos, I will love you like no other, I have died a thousand deaths, each time I died I thought of you.

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Gee I can't wait to how this helps me grow and develop as a person. Gaming, for whatever reason, has always traditionally been a "man's" world.

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I also know from personal experience hot girls play wow i had a few in my old pve guild believe it or not one even got married to a non wow player They used to kick the shit out of the guys on dps and they were our tanks as well. I would think with a community of 12 million blizz would have a way to help fellow WoW members find love.

Originally Posted by suspendedstasis.

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I am so sick of hearing that women don't play wow. Last edited by Gaexion Ramza Beoulve; at I'm a chick myself and I've met enough female WoW players for a date every day of the week.

Could also prod around in Faces of WoW and find a good lookin bird find her in world of warcraft dating forum name and go talk. Has a lot of WoW players on it.

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I'm sure they'd love ya, very roughly, until dawn. He's to afraid I'll meet a better dps than him. I seriously applaud you for your efforts OP.

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I haven't done much with it since I'm not too interested in a relationship currently, but it may be helpful to those that do want one. My opinion of online dating is that it's rather silly and sad, however, it's up to you.

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And yes, women do play WoW. I looked up e-armory e-harmony with no prevail.

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On the hunt for a new laptop Anyone heard of such a site? Originally Posted by Gaexion Ramza Beoulve. I'd kill everyone in the world and myself if she wanted it! Not that romantic but neither is meeting her at a club with her booty all over your crotch.

Much of luck to you in finding the girl of your dreams. Now if only my husband would agree to that.

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Better gamer is a better gamer Post added at Remember that lady that sold her body for a flying mount?