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One for all solution Rating: The Forum connected to vldPersonals, that you'll be a member of, has a great level of activity, and there are nearly allways someone who knows how to do things, or can give you an idea.

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Everything is built to make them stay longer on your site and discover other interesting members. You've submitted a chargeback shortly after making the payment. None guy scared of dating our thousands of other clients had these problems which should be self explanatory as to who was the cause of these issues.

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Notifications without reloading pages, modal windows, audio feedback and personal dating counters have been added to the script. Place shoutbox in header or as a full page.

I would recommend this theme for all other webmasters who running vldPersonals Dating Software.

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Can't beat this Rating: Probably the Best Service Ever. Our theme engine is designed to be non-intrusive and improve performance instead of hurting it. Read Captured from the story Captured. Have been using their software for almost two months now with no problems at all.

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The support is not knowledgeable, worthless and never helped to solve the problem. Good service and a great product Rating: I've been using several similar scripts, but this one is really a hassle free experience. Your users can select what they are searching and let the personal dating give them great matches that fit.

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Personal retreats might arise far away from official court centres. This is by far the best dating software srcipt on the web. After installation nothing works properly.

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Just answer a few simple questions and your custom policy will be created and ready to add to your website. This is from their pre-sales FAQ: So far very robust and stable product without a single hic-up. Support is also one reason to purchase! Thanks for the feedback, Maiko is assumed to may or may not have panties on randomly and unnoticed to the player.

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It is cheap, works great, and I use it today on three of my sites. Both go against our company's policies and neither are tolerated. If you are still deciding I would definetley recommend vldpersonls products and specifically their technical support. When I tried the demo version of Vldpersonal, I was sold at the moment. Best Support Ever Rating: As the client has said it himself - he abused the hosting service which is NOT even related to the software he purchased, we offer hosting for FREE as a bonus to the software purchase.

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IT's a very clean script which is so important if you plan to monetize your site very flexible in terms of customization and support is excellent. Charge for each shout with credits. I purchased this software not too long ago and I'm very pleased that I did. Great product and great help desk Rating:

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