My dad is dating someone younger than me Family Matters: My Divorcee Dad Is Dating A Woman My Age

My dad is dating someone younger than me

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People would say, "See a doctor" if something were bothering you physically. As harsh as you're making it sound, I appreciate your point of view.

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Without his help, I could have ended up homeless after my divorce in I think it's fine to have the feelings you are having as long as you at least try to keep an open mind about this woman. I shouldn't be hung up on the past.

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If you imagined people around you like your boss, or your friends, or in this case your father having sex all the time it would drive you crazy, wouldn't it? How his girlfriend makes you feel, what you pictured his new relationship would be like.

Lots of reasons, doubtful you'll get the truth. And he's in his 40s?

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I would be very uncomfortable with it and that's okay. So while it seems a bit weird to some people, I can see why they are together, and it stopped being 'wrong'.

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My 64 year old father is in a relationship with a woman who is a year older than me-- Others have told you it's none of your business and yes, you should get over yourself. Best of luck to you.

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Do you really want to take that away from your father because it makes you feel icky? Now, you are feeling threatened in your daughter role instead, and I think this is what irks you the most. All men have the right to be fools in love, who cares how old she is?

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Wasn't for me, that's why I said that's what I would do. I also don't understand why people are being so freakin' judgmental of you.

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I turn to my partner and other close friends to process his new relationship. Now, I can see how this is absolutely devastating for her, shattering for her self esteem and hugely upsetting. There was a long period of time where my parents were together and not married.

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He was young when you were born. Hopefully she'll have some awareness as to the delicateness of the situation.