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Episode Sirius Black: We ranked the worst breakups in literature Tfw you don't have the energy to deal with Mr. My ex of four years was a Hufflepuff, and it was a good match for a while, because his loyalty, warmth, and hard work in helping me eventually led to me opening up enough to trust him and form a relationship.

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Connect with her on Twitter anxiouscook or at www. They pride themselves on their excellent communication skills and sensible practicality, but throw some romance feelings into the mix and each will melt into a socially awkward puddle of ungainly ineptitude.

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Because of their accepting, patient, and loyal nature, I think a Hufflepuff could be a great partner for any House. In the other hand, Hufflepuff os generally to fair for Slytherin lacks of scruples. In response, another house dating notes: Despite Elizabeth being a Muggle, the Malfoys considered a possible marriage in order to strengthen their political power and ties with the Tudor dynasty, as well as possibly introduce magical blood in the future rulers of Great Britain.

She is very analytical and has to research everything she buys and stuff like that. Speaking from a personal standpoint, however, not all Slytherins are purely logical and loveless in choosing their mates.

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Classic literature, mansplained Why Hermione should've dated Fred instead. I think slytherin-gryffindor are complementary opposites, same as Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

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See the live house points spreadsheet here! I have a hunch that this house might pair best with one of their own. Slytherins and Ravenclaws are both driven by reason and highly independent in their pursuits.

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Ravenclaw would want to kill Gryffindor because of they tendency to act first ask questions later while Gryffindor might think the Ravenclaw is boring. I want someone kind and loyal, someone who might house dating to cook for me. After all, all of the witches and wizards that went bad came from that house. I could also see a Ravenclaw pairing being likely, with a Hufflepuff less so, and Slytherin completely improbable.

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What Hufflepuffs lack in cutthroat ambition they more than make up for in loyalty, which is like the backbone of Slytherin House. Hold up there partner! Not all of them work, but when they do, they work amazingly and they are bonded deeply. A Gryffindor might bring out the practicality of our knowledge, and get us out of the library, a Hufflepuff might encourage us to be companionable.

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Anyway there is exceptions. Slytherins are resourceful, cunning, ambitious, and clever. My bf seems very slytherin to me sometimes.