Glee fanfiction rachel and brittany dating Glee fanfiction rachel and brittany dating

Glee fanfiction rachel and brittany dating

Over the last few months Quinn had been looking for that very duck, but couldn't find it anywhere, until one day she found it in the mall and got it immediately. Santana smirks before squeezing Quinn's thigh.

Quinn was panting, gulping down air with a hopeful glint in her beautiful hazel eyes as she flicked off her microphone and handed it to an obliging band member before turning back to Rachel.

Aren't you guys dating?

I could care less about what these people think of me. Rachel's nose wrinkled of its own accord. She might freak out and not want to be friends with Brittany, and Brittany did not want that.

She worked at the mouth underneath hers, and she may have stopped—the whole thing could have been avoided, right then and there—had Rachel not started kissing her back.

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She was going to miss Spanish, she thought as she ground out, "Oh, you have no idea," and lunged for her. They pulled from the kiss, foreheads resting against each glee fanfiction rachel and brittany dating. Rachel looked at Quinn's impassible face and stormed away, followed by snickers. Rachel turns around slowly and her eyes widen seeing the person waving at her with a huge smile on their face. The distance was becoming too much for Quinn's half-aroused body to handle, however, so she stepped further into the room. She walks up to Rachel and taps her on the shoulder.

Rachel wasn't so guarded, however, and she sniffled and wiped unabashedly at her cheeks and nose with her sleeve.

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Shue and the guys cut her off. The two had been dating for close to 2 mouths and they could quickly feel themselves falling in love with the other already.

So her how strong you are.

Slushies, slamming into the lockers, being thrown into the dumpster. I don't need to attract a guy To make me feel alive inside It's clear to see I'm Doing Fine, Without You, The girls are goin out tonight Get blinded by the city lights, Everythin's gon' be alright, Without you, without you, without you, without you, without you.

As Brittany opens the door and pulls them towards the bed, she smirks as she hears Rachel moan. We'll talk about it.

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I'd rather eat with you. Brittany kissed Quinn's cheek when they exchanged a final hug, and after Brittany had disappeared down the road, Quinn offered Rachel nothing until later that night when she was tucked beneath her blankets, trying in vain to resist temptation.

A few seconds later, her phone vibrates showing that Rachel texted back.

Santana sent her a smile. There was a collective 'aww' throughout the room, but the two paid no mind, only breaking away for centimeters before coming back and pressing a kiss to a different section of the other's lips, repeating the pattern over and over until Quinn held her firmly in place for a moment, savoring the feel and taste of her, and then pulled back with a watery grin, stroking her fingers delicately along her jawline.

Rachel leans off of the lockers and pushes Quinn away from Santana.