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Dating investment banker

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Time is a really weird thing. He seemed genuinely happy to see me so happy. Everywhere I go and every day that passes I feel like I'm healing and getting stronger. I can actively feel myself changing and growing and healing. And if not a banker, what about consultants? He couldn't even call me because I blocked his number.

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When I pull up to my apartment, sometimes I forget to look around to make sure H's car isn't parked nearby. I assume there has been a lot of alcohol involved. The IB was forever forking out for pricey tickets to concerts, sporting events, even holidays, that were scuppered by work at the last minute. Fiscally responsible Despite their hectic work schedules, one of the most important reasons why investment bankers are desired as life partners is that they are quite responsible about money.

It was a hectic day but I managed it well and my good results at dating investment banker are starting to shine through.

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But nothing from him at all about the status of our pending issues. We had a long talk over dinner.

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But I can think of a thousand exceptions. He takes you out on his boat!

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He pulls out my chair. I just tell them that it's the new me.

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I was feeling really good, and every passing day I only felt better. I'll be thinking about it non-stop.

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My hands continued to shake and I decided to go for a walk around the office. Living it up The best part of dating an investment banker is of course that you will be taken out in style. If he is making you feel like a burden, something is wrong. Saturday, October 31, Posted by iBanker Girl 8 comments.

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