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Just as an arthritis patient would not realistically think about running a marathon, bipolar disease people should be realistic about their chances in life at relationships. You sound like a really special person, I think there is somebody else out there waiting for you. That was the worst part about it -- in her hospital gown, sitting up on her austere gurney bed, she looked as if she were finally at home.

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Enjoy the relationship while it lasted. If you have the disorder, chances are high that you will have a sibling, parent, grandparent, uncle, cousin etc who does too. I was together with a guy for 6 months when he couldn't take it anymore. It is actually more dating bipolar girl than you may think for two people in an intimate relationship to both have bipolar disorder.

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My childhood has been difficult because i grew up with my mom who also has bpd, i had a rough childhood moving from home to home since i ended up in the dating bipolar girl welfare and was places in foster homes. Anything deeper than that and I know based on past data that all bets will be off.

Hope you can give me some advice. Hi Rick, Was in a whirlwind of a relationship that lasted over the span of three months. She came to get the last of her stuff last night, I played her well. Feel free to visit our friends over at: Stop writing her insults — instead be verbal and confrontational.

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Examine them to build knowledge and guard against relapse, but then banish them! IMO, best to just keep moving.

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I have few questions regarding my dating bipolar girl with a BPD husband. Even if you imagine the worst to have happened, it sounds like your the sort of person to be able to move on from it, so waiting it out may be the best choice. Naturally I broke bone dating methods with her on the spot, but continued to worry to death about her because she gets insanely suicidal and was hanging out with stupid drug dealer kids who have loaded guns on them.

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And she was my best teacher. I decided to move on and am going through the grieving stages of departing from her. Fast forward to today, I pocket dialed her — she blocked my number then.

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I have to look out for number one. I'd had several close bipolar friends, and had once been in a long-term relationship with a bipolar woman, Nyla, whom I still consider the smartest person I'd ever met. How does a person go from wonderful to a monster instantly? Finally, please check out the related webpages on Bipolar-Lives.

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Take my friend Jerome, hired one summer to drive a van full of rich and annoying European teenagers across the country. Guest over a year ago Im currently in an on again, off again relationship with a beautiful young lady with bipolar. That day, when I got to the hospital, I found her looking happier than I'd ever seen her. When I looked at Sara, I felt inspiration, not pity.

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Two days before christmas he finds out that i amdoing a favor for the girlfriend of mine he doesnt like boom I am out. Submit a new text post. I can tell you from experience if you want to keep her you have to leave. We broke up in August of after snooping through my phone to find things.

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Thank you for this site. You have a lot of mindset issues that would need to be addressed and a complete overhaul of the way you think about relationships.