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Plus there are a ton of families here as well. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is predominately black so non-black women may find dating in that area best place for interracial dating easy as there is an abundance of black men.

Nice to know firsthand.

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I have bought your book Swirling how to date mate and relate. I love the East Coast, and may return at some point. I need first-hand info about a different country. Several friends have asked me about IR dating and a few have actually done it since our talks.

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I agree for the most part with Manhattan, just be careful in Harlem, the Bronx a lot of races are self-segregated in those areas. The list was compiled simply by tallying the numbers of people who signed up for the website.

Downwind Restaurant and Lounge is the perfect place to do so.


KendraTaylor Yep I totally agree with ya about Sacramento being pretty diverse! I was pleasantly shocked to see Placerville, CA on the list! A friend from California and I were talking about how dating sucks down here for black women.

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New Orleans is not interracial friendly. They have a fudge sale!? Anything on the Hudson Line of Metro North. Does this apply to only black women non black men?

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It can be pretentious at times, but it Hs not bothered me. For a little bit of fun, Vino Venue is definitely worth checking out. This is about more than single black women getting dates.

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You would have to really hustle. Somerville is going through a huge growth spurt and anyone who knew the area 10 years ago will tell you how much it has changed and the rental prices are starting to reflect that.

Sorry, but a lot of black culture is about following what other black people do, rather than speed dating belgrade an individual.

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Almost all of those Michigan cities are Detroit suburbs and share a border with the city. CelineNicole You are correct however a lot is changing in that area. Some cool features include the ability to send flirts and messages, post and browse photos, and communicate via live chat.

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I definitely would place Hampton Roads nor Virginia Beach on this list because the racism runs very deep here.

I think that show is a disgrace and makes a mockery of these fine people. My best friend and her husband a White couple live in a rural area outside of Buffalo, NY.

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Your info about Boston was interesting. My high school was filled with interracial couples as well as my university, however both were considered the most diverse schools, ethnicity-wise, in the county and state respectively.

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Took my boyfriend to STL last year to visit family and constantly got unpleasant looks and stares, and verbal harassment. Im in nursing school and have learned nurses have highest average salaries in DC Metro area. Overall I would agree with having it on the list.

This brings people into the city from all around, making it more than possible to find interracial dating spots in Atlanta.

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Some Amish have in the past and currently do adopt AA orphans to raise among them. That community is in the Northwest section of Philly.